Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Izzy Lighting

So I've gotten three shots from Izzy almost finaled for lighting. But we don't have many lighters here to get feedback from, so if anyone has some ideas on plusing this scene that'd be great! And that's open to non-lighters too--I know you painters and 2D art people especially have to think a lot about lighting.

Thanks guys! :)


Aaron Ludwig said...

Don't know a thing-- but this is stunning!

Rob Allen said...

Hey Stacey

Looks good over all. It seems like the yellow sweatshirt is a little hot for not being in the sun but in the shadow area. I understand that you want her to stand out though.

This is not lighting but it seems like there should be some little pebbles or something to break up the line between the ground and the big rock that she is climbing on.

francesco giroldini said...

hello there :)
This is looking great, a few suggestions..
I would soften the shadows on the ground a little bit and maybe add some color variation in the penumbra, just add a hint of orange in it.
the shadows feel a touch too gray, assuming that this is an indoor shot I would consider adding some hint of bounce light on the character and on the stones.
Her legs feel a bit hot and I would try to add some sense of contact between them and the stone.

Jake Wyatt said...

RAD. That shot looks familiar...

Tyson Murphy said...

i think it looks awesome, stacey