Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2010 Generalist Demo Reel

So this is my not specialized reel. It's got shading, lighting, compositing, modeling and 2D art. But I have sent variations on it to a couple studios. It's a bit lengthy, so if you have any thoughts on parts of it I should cut out entirely or speed up--let me know! Or even anything I should work on adding to it. Thanks! (Sorry it takes so long to load)

2010 3D Artist Reel from Stacey Bethers on Vimeo.


Edward Luong said...

awesome! as always, every one else's demo reels look so amazing to me :]. Good luck with the job hunting! Let me know how it goes ^^.

Aaron Ludwig said...

I think it looks great! Don't count me as an expert, but if you're looking to cut something out, I thought maybe the turn-around of the little boy might've been redundant (coming right after the front shot of his textures, which fits in well with the hand shot).
But again, I think it's awesome.

Jake Wyatt said...

I don't know anything about how to make your reel. But I DO know that yours is impressive! Great work from the textures to the paintings!

Anthony Holden said...

I actually didn't feel like it was too long--the only thing I could think is that as you show your process, you might consider including text indicating what each layer is. As someone who has no experience in 3D, I thought it would be helpful to know what each part was.
Of course, why would you take advice from someone who knows nothing about 3D?