Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gesture Drawings

Here are some of the drawings from class that actually worked. Out of 20-30 drawings I get maybe one or two I like well enough... Maybe that's an exaggeration. But that's what it feels like. And I have lost my painted sketchbook and am feeling slightly devastated. So if anyone happens to see it wandering the halls of the hfac, let me know will ya?


Laura said...

Hey STacey! These look SOOOOOOO GOOD!
You're learning a lot in Gesture drawing I can see! :)

Jake said...

Look. It's not fair. You can't just go postin' these fancy drawings without any kind of explanation. You've obviously been stealing the combined abilities of classmates and using them to get one up on us.


Will not be tolerated.

We're coming for you. We have conte, and we're coming.

Scarlet Verdeja said...

stacey i can see you are rocking everyone's socks over there at provo with your amazing talent! this gestures are beautiful! great job sbethers, way to stand fo all animation girls!

Anthony Holden said...

These are great drawings, Stacey. You are great drawings, Stacey.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Great job Stacey.